Who were you before the world told you who you should be?

Remember when you were a child and laughed with abandonment, played without fear, dreamed beyond possibilities and loved with your whole heart?


Remember when you awoke to each day full of energy, optimism and vibrant health?


What if that part of you is still there?
The part that is courageous, and believes in herself?
What if there was a way to connect so deeply to yourself that you are able to enjoy the present moment.
To leave behind stress, worry and anxiety.
To trust in the timing of your life.
What if….


If you are ready to answer some of these questions and rediscover your health and yourself then you are in the right place…

Welcome to Live Inspired!

I’m Zaahida and it would be my privilege to support you in discovering the best version of yourself.

Over the past few years, I’ve had the honour of facilitating hundreds of clients in transforming their lives. Each of their stories and challenges was unique, as were their healing journeys.

An individualised approach to physical & emotional wellness

Your concerns are unique to you.


Whether it’s your energy levels, specific health concerns, low self-esteem, depression, relationships conflicts or progressing in your career, our wellness programs are tailored to your unique needs.


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