A New You: Learn How To Help Your Body Thrive

A New You: Learn How To Help Your Body Thrive

Creating a life you love begins with feeling vibrant. Get access to tools to help your body thrive. Learn how your emotions affect your health and begin your journey to better health from the inside out.

You’re constantly exhausted but between school runs, organising an outfit for your daughter’s concert, entertaining your in-laws with a weekly 3-course meal and replying to client queries, when’s the time to actually do something about it?

Even though you’re exhausted and really need some shut-eye, you lie awake some nights worrying about those niggling symptoms that just won’t leave you alone.


Sure, you buy vitamins from your local health store but you’re not even sure they’re working – because let’s face it, most of the time you’re so busy you can’t even remember to take them! There’s a small voice inside you telling you that you need to start taking better care of your health. But between taking care of your clients, doing school rounds, entertaining family on the weekends, finishing up the work project and getting outfits sorted for the kid’s concerts, where’s the time right?


Of course, you try to schedule in some gym time and promise yourself that you’ll start eating healthier on Monday, but somewhere along the way you end up putting someone else ahead of yourself and you cave.


You’re juggling a million things at once and it seems like something new keeps popping up.
No one told you that trying to “have it all” – the kids, the family, the career – would be this exhausting!


You know you should be taking better care of your health but you’re not sure where to start. It seems like there’s so much conflicting information out there that it just feels easier to crash on the couch with a bag of Doritos at the end of the day and leave your good intentions till Monday.

Sound familiar?

Before you resign yourself to the Doritos, hear me out.


I get it.
Time is short but you really do want to start making better choices and understanding your body better.


I get how manic modern life can feel.
The pressure is coming from all sides and it’s easy to put your own health on the backburner.


But the fact is, bad habits catch up with us at some point. Those niggling symptoms (like fatigue, gradual weight gain, breakouts, chronic pain) are actually your body’s way of communicating to you: telling you that something needs to change. You can either ignore them and wait until they get ‘louder’ and more persistent. Or you can learn to read these signals. To understand them. And to give your body what it needs to serve you better.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women just like you over the years.

What I’ve learned is that understanding your body’s signals and supporting it in the way it needs you to, can change everything.


Can give you that ‘edge’ that you’ve always wondered.


And now I’m ready to share that knowledge with you.


Because I know you have it in you to go from surviving to thriving!


Here’s the harsh reality: nothing will work unless you do. Your family, your kids, your business, they all need the version of you that is full of health and vitality.


So you can either scour the internet and watch endless videos on how to improve your health (and let’s face it, ain’t nobody got time for that), or you can go through our online program and learn all the tools you need to get you and your health into a better space.


That’s right, once the kids are in bed, you can settle in to watch the training at your own pace.

“I’m in love with this course!”






– F.M

“Having started this course just over a week ago, I must say I am thoroughly enjoying it. I am 37 years old, a mother of 3. I love the flexibility and I can feel the passion you put into your work.”


– Shamima.M

“I’ve been through the first 3 modules of this course and thus far it has greatly increased my understanding of stress and its effects.”



– Arnaaz Tar Mahomed

So what can you expect to learn from this course?

  • Your Body has a language – what do symptoms actually mean?
  • The mind-body connection: is it real
  • How emotions affect your health
  • Discover how to tap into your body’s power to heal
  • Understand how different types of stress affect your hormones and brain function
  • How to ‘stress – proof’ yourself so you’re less affected by it
  • Make stress work to your advantage
  • Why arguments with your husband suppress your immune system
  • Learn the skill of redirecting your fear and anxiety
  • How the past is stressing you out in the present – and how to overcome it
  • Repressed trauma – can it affect you?
  • What you need to know before you can lose weight
  • The role of hormones in your life
  • Letting go of guilt
  • Self-care for A New You
  • Creating a new mindset for thriving
  • Easy to implement actions that will make a huge difference
  • And lots more

You can go as slowly or as quickly as you want, and you can always go over parts again if you wish.


The best part is that you get lifetime access to your course so you can come back to it anytime.

“You have made a huge difference to my attitude.”






– S.P

“What an amazing workshop!”





– Z. Motala

“My approach to everything has changed and I am able to approach everything from a calmer place.”


– Thaania

The course includes:

10 video modules
Audio for health
Bonus no music meditation to kickstart a positive mindset
  • All of the modules are recorded for you to revisit at your convenience.
  • The course content will be available to you for life.
  • You have lifetime access to all of the training in A New You.


Which means, when we update or add in more valuable information in the future, you get immediate access to that at no extra cost!

You only get one body – might as well learn how to treat it well.

Invest in your health and learn the tools you need to feel healthier, happier and more energetic so that you can actually enjoy being that supermum and go-getter that I know you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this cure my illness?

This course is NOT intended as medical advice and cannot replace the guidance of a medical professional. The course is designed to equip you with a deeper understanding of what influences health, as well as tools you can use to be proactive in taking better care of your body and mind.

I’m so busy, I want to do this but I just don’t know if I will get through all the modules

The best part of this online course is that it is totally self-paced. You can watch it at your leisure. Even if you can only make time to watch 15 minutes a week, as long as you keep going it will make a difference.

Will I still need to see a doctor?

This course is NOT intended as medical advice and cannot replace the guidance of a medical professional.


The intention of this course is to give you a broader framework for being more proactive in how you approach your health and wellbeing so that you can partner with your medical practitioners and be a more informed, responsible patient.


You may still need to consult with a health care provider for more tailored advice.

What are you waiting for?

Refund Policy:
Your satisfaction with your course is important to us. However, because of the extensive time, effort and preparation and care that is poured into this course, we have a no refund policy. By using and/or purchasing any of our programs, products, services or program materials, you understand and agree that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided.


This is not intended as medical advice or as a substitute for consulting with a medical practitioner, These are simply recommendations based on research and personal experience.
The Live inspired academy makes no claims about curing disease. All recommendations should be taken under the guidance of a registered medical practitioner where needed.