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Welcome to Live Inspired!

My name is Zaahida, and your success is my success.

I am truly blessed to work with clients from a variety of backgrounds, who face unique challenges, but have common overall goals: to feel better and live better.
Our wellness programs are designed to help you feel healthier, stronger and more energised so that you can then live a life you love.


You probably have an idea of the life you want.
Is this the same as the life you are currently living?
I’m guessing: probably not.


Maybe you think the life you dream of is not possible for you.
Perhaps you have no idea of how to make it happen.
Or, you’re living the life you desired, but now you’re disappointed that it hasn’t brought you the happiness you thought it would.


What holds you back from experiencing vibrant health, joy and success? Whether it’s improving your physical health, overcoming past trauma, reducing stress and anxiety, overcoming depression, improving relationships, gaining self-confidence or any combination thereof, it’s my honour and privilege to support you in this journey.


As a mother of two, I understand well the demands of daily life. I know how difficult it can seem to create a healthy balance. This is why I love working with families and women, especially. It’s amazing to witness the radical shifts that a family has once the mother’s perspective shifts. As your healing progresses, it creates a positive spin-off for the entire family.


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The Official Bit

Although I pursued a degree in Business & Marketing and worked in the corporate sector, I was always drawn to the field of Psychology and personal development. When I encountered serious health and life challenges, I was fortunate enough to find BodyTalk. Not only did my physical health improve, I also found that my emotional intelligence, my relationships and self-esteem improved as well. Suffice to say, I was amazed!

After qualifying as a BodyTalk Practitioner, I went on to study the Advanced Modules including: Principles of Consciousness, Macrocosmic Bodymind, Matrix Dynamics as well as Mindscape. I am also a Certified Life Coach, Transformation Coach and NLP Practitioner. My passion for this field motivates me to constantly update my skills. I love that this field is constantly evolving and updating in line with new research and development.

Currently, I am studying the Post Graduate modules of BodyTalk. All of which helps me to facilitate you on your journey to healing and self-awareness.

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