People always say "communication is everything in a relationship" - but what does that mean?
Does it mean just blurting out everything you feel?
You're trying to communicate with your partner - but he/she keeps shutting you out...
How do you express your needs to your partner, but he/she accuses you of 'looking for problems'..
What do you do when you feel like your partner is shutting down from you?
Does 'keeping the peace' mean just sweeping everything under the carpet - but then feeling resentful?

In this self study workshop bundle, you'll discover how to communicate in a way that creates more connection, and less conflict.

Learn how to:

-  Avoid those big 'blow outs' - without having to 'shove everything under the rug' and sit with resentment.

- Feel heard and understood by your partner, instead of just saying what *you think* will 'keep the peace'.

- Raise your EQ to mange disagreements with ease and integrity.

- Unlearn old, damaging patterns of communication (that you might not even know you have), and replace them with mature, healthy patterns so that you can feel like love sick newly weds again!

- Become a master of diffusing tense situations.

- Access juicy intimacy - that lasts for the long term.

- Handle conflict maturely so you can experience true Sakina (tranquility) in your home.

If you find that you:
- Avoid certain topics for fear of an argument..
- Feel misunderstood or unheard in your relationship...
- Wish you could 'get through' to your partner better, you're ready for...


It was eye opening for both my spouse and I, as we realised that it wasn’t the everyday issues we were facing that was the problem, but rather the way we were communicating those issues with each other. It also gave us the tools we needed to implement healthier communication patterns. As a result we are more open to hearing each other out and taking into consideration both our needs and feelings - now we feel more connected.

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N. Patel

There has been an immense improvement in the way my husband and I deal with conflict. 

I don't take things so personally anymore. 

I feel So much lighter and happier

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F. Ismail

 " A deeper understanding of myself and also of my partner Allhumdullilah!"

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Fatima J


Couples or anyone in a committed relationship
If you're single, and you want to ensure you're equipped with the skills you need in your future relationship
This is an excellent pre-marital resource tool for young adults and teens as well - the earlier you implement these practices, the better your chances of creating a healthy, fulfilling marriage

Create connection instead of conflict 

It's time to let go of those unhealthy communication patterns that are sabotaging your marriage / partnership

Master the exact skills to diffuse conflict and create more connection

Feel confident in handling conflict maturely 


I'm halfway through, its so relatable. Im so excited to implent the new tools youve given us.

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Zaahida has helped me overcome the biggest challenges in my life. If you want to make a change - she's your girl! I truly believe Zaahida is a league of her own.

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Siddiqa Soofie

Entrepreneur & Mum of 2


The top 4 mistakes you're making during arguments - and how to unlearn them 
Why conflict gets out of hand - and how to contain it before you spiral into a full blown fight
How to repair and recover from an argument
Practical steps to emotional regulation during heated discussions
EXACT SCRIPTS of what to say to diffuse conflict during heated moments
How to say what you've always wanted to - without causing a fight
Practical steps to cultivating a space for deeper connection and intimacy to flourish


You're open and willing to learn and practice new skills - even if you've experienced years of making mistakes
Your marriage/partnership is stable, but you know it could benefit from a few 'tweaks'
You're open to personal growth and are willing to take responsibility for your part in the relationship.
You're willing to manage your own emotions better during conflict
You have a feeling that your communication with your partner could improve, but you're not sure exactly how to make those changes.
You value connection in your relationship are committed to your partner

Unlearn communication patterns that are sabotaging your marriage



3 + hour of in depth video trainings that equip you with the tools you need for connective communication valued at $666
exact scripts to use during arguments to diffuse the conflict
exclusive transformational workbook
immediate access on purchase 
accessible anywhere - completely online
self study at your own pace
lifetime access
feel free to go through the worksop with your partner

Your investment = $222

CONSCIOUS COMMUNIcation that builds connection BUNDLE


What's included?

3 + hours of in depth video training  modules
Exact scripts to use during conflict to diffuse the situation and build connection
Practical tools that you can implement IMMEDIATELY 
Exclusive Transformational Workbook


You're not willing to see and work on your own blind spots
You're committed to holding onto the past and wallowing in bitterness
You want to make your partner a scapegoat for all the issues in your relationship
You're not interested in a committed relationship
You're in an abusive marriage -you need to reach out to community members for assistance and prioritise your safety if you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm already seeing a therapist / coach - is this still suitable for me?

That's great and huge kudos to you for taking responsibility of your life!

If you're already working with someone, this will be a wonderful complementary tool that will assist you on your journey. You will gain different perspectives and deeper understanding into yourself and your partner which can transform how you interact - especially during arguments.

When is this being held?

The wonderful thing is that this entire course is completely online - so that you can access it from anywhere, anytime!

You get lifetime access so that you can revisit the lessons whenever you want to.

It's completely self study and you get immediate access to it.

I'm super busy right now so I can't start immediately - can I still enrol?
Can I join at a later stage?

You can start when you wish as you have lifetime access.

What happens after I make payment?

Once you enrol, you will be sent an email with all the details you need.  You will be kept updated via email and if you have any queries please contact us on

I'm not sure if I'm ready to commit to this yet - can I join later?

You can start when you wish as you have lifetime access.

My marriage is pretty good - do I need this?

This is a great questions!

This training has practical tools that can 'tweak' the way you communicate and result in increased understanding, connection - and improve the overall quality of your relationship. 

What do I do if I'm having an issue with accessing my course work?

We've designed the system to run as smoothly as possible. However in the unlikely event of you having any issues, you can contact our support team on

Are refunds available?

No refunds are available under any circumstance. All sales are final.

Your satisfaction with our course is important to us. However, because of the extensive time, effort, prepartion and care that is poured into this course, we have a no-refund policy. By using and/or purchasing any of our programs, products, services or program materials, you understand and agree that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided.

I'm in an abusive relationship - will this help me?

Unfortunately this is beyond the scope of this workshop. I would highly suggest reaching out for one on one intervention in your situation.

If my partner doesn't want to watch it with me, will it still help?

It's normal to want to encourage your partner to progress, however ultimately it is their choice to make - the reality is that no one can be forced into self development work. You have to want the changes for yourself.

That being said, over the years I have seen many many clients who as they heal and grow, find they are able to respond to their partners differently -and this improves the overall health of the relationship.

Stumbling upon Zaahida has been my greatest find in possibly the last 10 years. Not every person in her profession is necessarily a fit for the people they assist, but Zaahida's commitment, lack of judgement and sheer sincerity make her the greatest pleasure to work with.



Working with Zaahida took me from feeling lost to being a stronger person who will not allow anyone to pull her down through manipulation. I have learned how to deal with challenges and I've regained my confidence again.

W Moosa

Medical Professional

Zaahida is a pillar of strength. She is vibrant, innovative, funny, non-judgmental. If I had to attach a price to working with her, I undoubtedly believe she has undervalued herself and her ability to assist people to travel the road to self discovery.



I was very skeptical in paying for the program, but I can safely and proudly say it has been and will be one of the best decisions I've made in many years. My kids are enjoying me to the fullest. I am much happier, calmer and content. I love my new self.


2019 Student & Mum of 4

Your Mentor

Zaahida Mahomedy - Live Inspired Academy

Featured on national Television newtworks like SABC 3, ITV on DSTV and various Radion shows like Channel Islam International, Al Ansaar, Salaam Media & more as well as the recipient of the Panache Women of Wonder Awards 2019, Zaahida is an Emotional Wellness & Business Mentor, Life Coach, BodyTalk Practitioner, Motivational Speaker and founder of the Live Inspired Academy. 

Having worked with thousands of clients over the years to help them heal and transform their lives and relationships, Zaahida is now revealing her secrets so that you can have access to powerful strategies to transform your life and relationships.

Get the complete program now for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

 If you're ready to invest in yourself and your marriage with brand new communication skills to create more connection and less conflict- click the button to enrol.

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