People say "you marry the family" - does that mean you're 'stuck' when your in laws are demanding?...
How do you maintain family ties with difficult in laws? Is it even possible?
I see you sis, your relationship with your in laws is creating sparks - but not the kind you want!
Let's face it: some parents are critical + controlling.
You try boundaries - but they trample all of over them!

You love your husband - but this issue has become a thorn in your marriage.
You've tried 'communicating more' - but it feels like you both just say the same things to each other ...
Does 'keeping the peace' come at the expense of YOUR peace?
Will it cost you your marriage? 

News flash: The people who handle difficult in laws [or difficult parents] better than you, are NOT better than you.

They just have better skills than you....

And skills can be learned...


The in laws Masterclass!

This Masterclass isn't just for in laws - they apply to your parents too if you find them *ahem* tricky to deal with😅

Parents are not perfect. AND they deserve respect and honour. Both of these can be true at the same time. 

Your in laws love their son. Your parents love you. But if either of them are difficult to deal with - it's just a result of their emotional intelligence. If you parents are emotionally immature - you'll learn exactly how to make sure your marriage doesn't end up as collateral damage!

This Masterclass will walk you through specific steps of preserving your relationship with them whilst protecting your mental health:

✅ Without being disrespectful or harsh

And most importantly.....

✅ Without ruining your marriage in the process

 In the In Laws Masterclass you'll learn:

🟢 How to protect your peace - even if you're in laws are never going to change...

🧩 What to do when they're pulling every manipulation tactic in the book and it's affecting your marriage...

🟢 How to stay respectful of them AND protect your peace (trust me: there are ways😌)

🟢 What to do if your own parents are difficult to deal with

This is NOT a bunch of nice-to-know theory.

Get ready to implement practical actions with the potential to save your relationships and your sanity😅

It is absolutely possible to stay respectful, fulfil your duties AND maintain your peace

This is your roadmap to maintaining family ties and paving the way to the marriage you deserve!

Ready to radically reduce the reactivity with your in laws?
Then you're ready for ...


But first..let's just get one thing straight:
If you're looking for something that will justify badmouthing or villianising your in laws...this ain't it, sis.
If you're rolling your eyes thinking "Not another be the better person and make more sabr squad advice!" 🙄
You won't find that here either.
But if you're looking for practical tools, based on emotional intelligence with faith based roots,  that are your stepping stone to less conflict with your in laws (and your other half),...then In laws Masterclass was made for you!

Final chance to secure lifetime access to this Masterclass..

Just like that cute pair of pants that looks great on your bestie, but looks cringe on you 🫥- not everything is gonna be right for you... Here's how to assess if In Laws Masterclass is for you...

In Laws Masterclass is for the person who knows she can't change others - but by upskilling, she can change how others respond to her energy!
If you have difficult in laws and/or parents who you love - but have a tense relationship with - In Laws Masterclass is for you!
If you love your husband but don't love the way your relationship with your in laws creates unnecessary tension in your love nest - In Laws Masterclass is for you!
If you're not married yet but know you're gearing up for it...and want to be READY and resourced when the time is right - In Laws Masterclass is for you! 
If you have no intention of getting married - but you wish you had a better relationship with your KNOW they mean well but they tend to be overbearing about how they go about it...

Healthy relationships don't 'just happen' - they're created. 

Healthy relationships don't 'just happen' - they're created!

Bad news? 
Your in laws may never change!
Your elderly parents? 
They're unlikely to change at this stage...

Good news? 
You do NOT need them to change. It's possible to not let their controlling behaviour get to you - whilst still staying respectful! 

  EXCLUSIVE LIMITED OFFER |  GET immediate lifetime access

Zaahida has helped me overcome the biggest challenges in my life. If you want to make a change - she's your girl! I truly believe Zaahida is a league of her own.

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Siddiqa Soofie

Entrepreneur & Mum of 2

Here's what you get in : THE IN LAWS MASTERCLASS

Hate to break it to you - but there are some CRITICAL mistakes you're making with your in laws - I'll give you the scoop on how to spot them and how to change them while you're at it!
Seriously this will change everything about how you approach them! 
Ever felt like your husband doesn't 'care enough' about your needs and that's why he struggles to say no to them....?
Has HE ever accused YOU of putting your parents before him??
I'll show you why this is happening and how to become his ally through it, so your relationship can get BETTER through conflict !
No parent is perfect. AND they They love you, but their actions are just a result of their emotional intelligence. If you parents are emotionally immature - you'll learn exactly how to make sure your marriage doesn't end up as collateral damage!
Do your in laws (or parents) emotionally manipulate to get their way?
In Laws Masterclass is where you'll learn to sidestep it without the drama!
The starter steps to building boundaries with your in laws that actually work
How to say what you've always wanted to - without causing a fight
Simple yet powerful steps that ensure you and hubby are on the same team when it comes to either of your parents - without any need to be sassy or cut them off!


You're open and willing to learn - even if you've experienced years of making mistakes
You're willing to take responsibility for your part in the relationship.
You're over the blame game - you want solutions!
You want to role model something healthier for your children instead of passing the same traumas down to them
You love your other half and are invested in your marriage.

This is your FINAL CHANCE to secure lifetime access for this Masterclass.
It will NOT be offered for lifetime access in 2024.


a 9 part masterclass of video trainings to equip you with tools for connective communication valued at $697
bonus highly acclaimed muraqabah
bonus: resource kit with eft tapping protocol + muraqabah to process guilt + fear
bonus: potent transmission | how to shift out of a toxic rut
in laws masterclass workbook
immediate access on purchase 
self study at your own pace
lifetime access - this is your final chance to get lifetime access to this MAsterclass
feel free to go through the worksop with your partner


Save $1000!

In laws masterclass 


What's included?

In Laws Masterclass: over 3 hours of in depth video training  modules
BONUS: EFT tapping through guilt
BONUS Muraqabah: An energetic tool designed to create calm 
Practical tools that you can implement TODAY
In Laws Masterclass Workbook
On demand 24/7 lifetime access

🚨Do NOT purchase this if you:

Are not willing to acknowledge and work on your own blind spots
Care more about 'punishing' your in laws or proving you're right.... than about creating peace within your home.
Want to make your partner a scapegoat for all the issues in your relationship
Are in an abusive marriage - FIRST create safety for yourself. THEN come back to this.

Got questions? Cool, I have answers...

I'm already seeing a therapist / coach - is this still suitable for me?

That's great and huge kudos to you for taking responsibility of your life!

If you're already working with someone, this will be a wonderful complementary tool that will assist you on your journey. You will gain different perspectives and deeper understanding into yourself and your partner which can transform how you interact - especially during difficult moments.

Is this an in person Masterclass?

No! And let me tell you why I love that!

An in person even is fun and stuff..but it's in the moment.

Once it's done and dusted - that's it!

When you purchase this Masterclass you'll access your own online portal. You can come back to it anytime you want (day or night!) and review it as often as you need.

It's completely self study and you get immediate access to it.

I'm super busy right now so I can't start immediately - should I still get this?

You can start when you wish as you have lifetime access. At this price point - I wouldn't wait!

But please: only invest in this if you trust yourself to make use of it. If not now, then as soon as you're able to. Remember: you have lifetime access so you can come back to it at your convenience. 

What happens after I make payment?

If you're reading this than I know you're ready!

As soon as you make your purchase, you'll be sent an email with everything you need to access the In Laws Masterclass.  Need help with onboarding? 

My team has got you boo!

Email us on and my lovely team will assist you during office hours. 

What do I do if I'm having an issue with accessing the Masterclass?

World class systems don't just happen! We've taken every measure to ensure your onboarding is easy breezy. In the unlikely event of you having any issues, you can contact our support team on

Are refunds available?

Short answer: No.

Full answer: I love that you love what I lovingly create for you.

I've taken every measure to ensure the value you get from this is well beyond what you've invested. 

Because of the extensive time, effort, and care that is poured into this course, we have a no-refund policy. 

By using and/or purchasing any of our programs, products, services or program materials, you understand and agree that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided.

I'm in an abusive relationship - will this help me?

Unfortunately this is beyond the scope of this workshop. Your safety comes before education. Please seek that first and then come back to our programs to facilitate healing. 

If my partner doesn't want to watch it with me, will it still help?

Short answer: Yes.

This is a hot take but...

I truly believe that even ONE person making changes in the relationship can make profound differences!

My husband is NOT into inner work. Sure, I'd love if he was. But it's not his jam. That didn't stop me from investing in skills that I knew would help our marriage. Many of my clients have the same experience.

Bottom line?

Don't underestimate how much your relationships can shift when YOU upskill.

Final chance to secure lifetime access to the In Laws Masterclass.

Stumbling upon Zaahida has been my greatest find in possibly the last 10 years. Not every person in her profession is necessarily a fit for the people they assist, but Zaahida's commitment, lack of judgement and sheer sincerity make her the greatest pleasure to work with.



Working with Zaahida took me from feeling lost to being a stronger person who will not allow anyone to pull her down through manipulation. I have learned how to deal with challenges and I've regained my confidence again.

W Moosa

Medical Professional

Zaahida is a pillar of strength. She is vibrant, innovative, funny, non-judgmental. If I had to attach a price to working with her, I undoubtedly believe she has undervalued herself and her ability to assist people to travel the road to self discovery.



I was very skeptical in paying for the program, but I can safely and proudly say it has been and will be one of the best decisions I've made in many years. My kids are enjoying me to the fullest. I am much happier, calmer and content. I love my new self.


2019 Student & Mum of 4

Your Mentor

Zaahida Mahomedy - Live Inspired Academy

Featured on national Television newtworks like SABC 3, ITV on DSTV and various Radion shows like Channel Islam International, Al Ansaar, Salaam Media & more as well as the recipient of the Panache Women of Wonder Awards 2019, Zaahida is an Emotional Wellness & Business Mentor, Life Coach, BodyTalk Practitioner, Motivational Speaker and founder of the Live Inspired Academy. 

Having worked with thousands of clients with a decade of experience, Zaahida can help you heal and transform your relationships. Zaahida is now revealing her secrets so that you can have access to powerful strategies to transform your life and relationships.

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