Welcome to the Live Inspired Academy!

Online courses with lifetime access designed to simplify your self-development journey.

Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of clients in their self-development journey:


  • To build better relationships
  • Manage their emotions better
  • Build self-confidence
  • Overcome anxiety
  • And reach personal goals


And now I want to help you to do the same.


I want to help you create success in your life.

Maybe you’re new to self-development, or you’re already working with a Practitioner.


Wherever you are in your journey, the Live Inspired Academy is here to support you.


To inspire you to create a life that feels authentic to you.


That fulfils you.

The Live Inspired Academy is based on my years of experience as a Life Coach & Emotional Wellness Coach:


An online platform with courses that are designed to make self-development simple and accessible for you – no matter where you are in your journey.


Now you too can have access to all the information you need along your own journey of creating a life that fulfils you.

I know your life gets busy, which is why the courses are designed to be accessible and fit into your life.


You have lifetime access to them (including any updates) and can take them entirely at your own pace.


I can’t wait to see you heal, grow and thrive so that you too can live an inspired life.


Are you ready to begin?


A New You: Learn How To Help Your Body Thrive

Creating a life you love begins with feeling vibrant. Get access to tools to help your body thrive. Learn how your emotions affect your health and begin your journey to better health from the inside out.

Tuning Out Toxicity Masterclass

Build your immunity to toxic people whilst still preserving your principles.

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