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master your mindset workshop

Shift your mindset and create space for success during turbulent times!

learn how to cultivate resilience within, you so that you (and your business) can survive tough times.

If you feel like this year has done a number on us - you're not alone.

The truth is, we're facing massive challenges.

Which means you can’t approach your business with the same thinking and expect different results.

To survive and thrive post-lockdown requires a massive mindset shift.

The question is: Are you going to be ready for it?

Are you ready to let go of self-doubt and embrace a new model of success?

Let’s look at the facts: businesses are closed, shops are gathering dust and we are stuck (but safe!) at home. Now what? 

Everybody seems to be on social media - but with good reason : people are logging onto social media more than ever.. 

Without the usual hustle and bustle, you're feeling like you should be using this time productively and exploring options of how to covid-proof your business - but where do you even begin during these uncertain times?

If you’re not a business owner, perhaps these tough times have got you thinking about finally launching that side-hustle you’ve been daydreaming about. You know it’s time to take action… but you also don’t know where to start. You feel like you’re just not in the right space for it.

It’s overwhelming. You know what you want to do but have no idea which steps to take to get there. 

Firstly, take a deep breath. 

This is all about mindset.

That’s right – all of it. 

If your brain is running a mile a minute and you can barely gather your thoughts, I want to remind you that strategy is important. 

BUT: the mindset you're in when you execute your strategy is waaay more important than the strategy itself.

It’s easy to succumb to the fear that people are propagating right now. 

But whether or not you do give into the fear will make all the difference in how things will play out for you - and your business - post lockdown.

I know you're worrying about whether or not people will buy your product or service, whether your business has the possibility of even surviving (let alone thriving) when so many seem to be failing.

Success  is possible - but you need to be in the right headspace to begin pursuing it. You need to create a mindset for success if you’re going to be able to tolerate the inevitable challenges that lockdown has brought us. 

The first step is learning the skills and attitudes to cultivate in yourself for your business thrive after lockdown.

I'm thrilled to announce that I'M sharing my secrets (that I usually reserve for one on one clients) of how to master your mindset and determine the destiny of your business post lockdown.

If you're ready to leave behind the complainers, the naysayers, and the victims, and shift into a proactive and empowered space, then enroll for  Master Your Mindset now:

Just finished watching the full access and WOW!

It's an amazing workshop with so many tips!

S. Singh

This workshop was so informative and just what I needed! Thank you Zaahida for always sharing your knowledge and somehow knowing exactly what I needed to hear.

M. Desai

You were inspiring, motivating and captivating. I am so glad that I joined your class, I was a follower and you definitely made an impression.  You have helped ease the tension about what to expect when starting an online business. 

Dr S.I

I am so happy that I took the initiative to sign up and I am so excited to follow through with the tools of success that you highlighted.

F. Moosa

unlock your potential post lockdown🔐




Here's What you get when you enroll for master your mindset:

Value-packed Workshop

Get ready to see the world completely differently! Once you're done with this training, you'll have the tools to approach your business in a way that will help you survived (and even thrive!) post lockdown.

5 Essential Steps to Online Success

My secret sauce on how to turn followers into customers - without sleazy sales tactics.

(Spoiler alert: you don't need tons of followers and you don't need to go viral)

Free Workbook

This unique workbook is especially customised to ensure that you get the most out of MYM.

If you're ready to leave behind the complainers, the naysayers, and the victims, and shift into a proactive and empowered space, then enroll for Master Your Mindset now.



 I'm Zaahida : Business & Psychology Graduate, Emotional Wellness Coach, Certified Life Coach , BodyTalk Practitioner and founder of the Live Inspired Academy.

I started my career in the corporate field many moons ago, and then found myself drawn to the field of self development. Since then I've had the privilege of facilitating thousands of clients to transform their relationships, and their lives.

I've had the pleasure of being featured on national TV : SABC 3, ITV and various radio stations to share more about how you can up level your business and your relationships by uplevelling your mindset.

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