Alignment Audit



Alignment Audit

You're posting regularly, following all the IG advice on how to gain traction online - but you're just not getting the engagement you want!

If you're struggling with attracting followers online - and more importantly - you're not sure exactly how to turn those followers into paying customers - don't throw the towel in.

It's time to align your mindset, branding and social media strategy to create powerful online success!

By now, you already know the vital importance of having your business online and growing your audience via social media. And even though you've been putting in the effort, it just hasn't been yielding the results you'd hoped for.

Let's get laser focused on taking your branding and social media strategy to the next level:

Spaces are limited monthly

How do I know if this is the right option for me?

If you're ready to step up and do the work of shifting how you see your business and your social media strategy, and you're open to making changes where needed - then this is the right fit for you.

Social media done well can be a game changer for your business - BUT only if you approach it strategically and you have an understanding of how it fits in with your branding, vision. And of course, you approach it in a way that feels right for you!

If you understand that success means diving deeper and creating change to support your vision, then you're ready for this Alignment Audit.

This is not for you if...

If you're expecting overnight results, if you want a cut and paste template for online success or if you want a bunch of ready made content templates that you can paste into your social media - then this is definitely NOT the right fit for you.

This Alignment Audit is about discovering a social media strategy that works for you and your business and that's crafted specifically to create real, long term results for you!

How does this work?

Using a combination of Advanced BodyTalk, NLP, Transformational Coaching, Emotional Wellness Coaching as well as drawing from a background of Psychology, Business Studies and corporate experience, each Alignment Audit is tailored specfically to your needs.

What does the 5 days of Whatsapp Support entail?

Alignment Audits are in depth - and as a result you might have certain shifts, or questions that come up post-session.

Which is why the support post session can be extremely helpful.

You can text or send me a voice note via Whatsapp with your questions or concerns. Turnaround time will be 24 hours and messages are responded to during business hours.

What happens if I need more assistance after this?

Let's be real: every savvy business owner / professional knows that personal growth and professional growth go hand in hand. 

Which means every level of you will require a new version of yourself - the next evolution.

 Alignment Audits are something you can either do once from time to time at different points of your journey. Or it can be something regular you incorporate at various strategic points. 

 If you're looking for consistent support and facilitation, then you're ready for one on one Mentorship. Contact me on for more information.

Some of the things we can work on

Specific social media strategy - learn how to craft unique content that speaks to your audience

The finer details of what separates businesses that thrive online from those that are flailing

Dealing with online negativity, competition and copy-cats

The missing pieces that you need to fit in to take your online business to the next level.

Building solid relationships with your audience that helps them make the transition from follower to customer.

A way forward that creates success for you both online and offline. And more...

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