Boundaries for Big Hearted Businesses




You want to take your business to the next level… but are you ready for it?

Do you have the structures in place?

Are you attracting your soul mate clients – or are you leaking energy trying to manage difficult clients?

Are you growing your capacity with a high performance mindset – or are you shrinking and playing small?

Do you have a solid work/life balance – or are you struggling to manage what’s already on your plate?

Can you handle pricing objections – or do you cave every time someone pressurises you about your pricing?

Do you know how to say no to clients with ease – or are you saying yes to every request and seething with resentment?

Boundaries in your business are about creating solid structures that will support you to your next level of personal and professional growth.

For your business to grow sustainably, you’re going to need boundaries that

  • create great – but clear – relationships with clients
  • manage service providers and staff with ease so you can build your ‘dream team’
  • support a health work/life balance so you don’t burn out so you can tap into your creativity

Learn the must-have energetic and practical boundary secrets you need to skyrocket productivity?; seamlessly serve your clients; build a profitable business; make your service providers love you AND feel good while doing it!

Buckle up! You’re going to learn all my secrets to creating business relationships that will build your empire of impact and profit!

You’ll learn how to:

?Structure your business boundaries to optimise performance, productivity and profit – all whilst igniting your passion and purpose!

A 3 week live program kicking off on 13 August 2022 with :

  • 6 x Live sessions
  • Q&A segment
  • Replay access for 3 months

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Boundaries for Big Hearted Businesses