BR : The Mastermind




Bonus expires 9 Feb 2023.

A 9 month immersion experience.

What is the true lasting value of this Mastermind?
9 months of incredible support…here’s what’s possible for you…

After 3 months in the Mastermind you’re likely to experience:
? Release of stuck emotions holding you back from embodying the BR principles
?Your confidence and self trust expands as your capacity for processing emotions and challenges expands
?You start to clearly see what you desire from yourself and your relationships
?Old patterns that aren’t serving you become crystal clear
?You start powerfully holding space for your uncomfortable emotions AND for others
?Joy becomes easier for you to tap into
?Fear releases and you’re more grounded in your energy. You’ll start noticing how this inner work impacts your parenting, friendship, and family relationships.

After 6 months in the Mastermind you may experience…
?Tapping into an energetic reserve of creativity, inspiration and productivity that you’ve prayed for
?Unlocking parts of your intuition and 6th sense for never-experienced-before clarity in making decisions
?Have creative downloads and the vooma to action them at work /in your business
?Becoming more and more comfortable with receiving love, earnings, appreciation and joy
?Being more in tune with yourself and others than you’ve ever been
?Your spiritual connection takes on a never-experienced-before dimension

After 9 months in this powerful container you may find:

? It’s becoming easier and easier for you to make healthy choices that support your mental and physical health.
? You’re grounded in the version of you that you’ve prayed for
? You’ve transformed into a powerful communicator and your presence is magnetic to those who appreciate you
? You’re loving and accepting yourself more than you ever have. You’re more comfortable in your own skin than you’ve ever been
? You feel purposeful and significant
? You’re facing challenges with courage and confidence
? You’ve released years of pain and shame that was blocking you and you’re truly EXCITED for what’s to come
? You’re seeing how this Mastermind has impacted you in ways that will change you for decades!

This is for you if you
– desire close proximity support with Zaahida
– Are ready for trauma and somatic healing that will create space within you to propel you towards your surface and hidden goals
– Want a lush ecosystem of the best support
– Want to move beyond talk therapy and crave the benefits of deep somatic healing and premium coaching
– Are ready to be deeply seen, served and supported


Minimum of 2 Group Coaching Calls per month over 9 months!

Some months will be 3 Coaching Calls.

Lifetime access to the replays of the BR Mastermind Coaching calls

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If you enrol by 9 February 2023, you also get lifetime access to BR program (this alone is valued at $4500)

This bonus includes lifetime access to the following:

9 BR modules

Alignment portal tools

BR Bonuses

Replays of live calls from BR 3.0

This is an incredible small, intimate container with close proximity to Zaahida and high touch support.



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BR : The Mastermind