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“I have been for therapy many times but no one has ever explained the way our brain works or thought patterns to me. This is totally new and really made me stop and think” – Faaria

Immediate lifetime access to an INCREDIBLE training that will change everything you know about your brain – and how to work WITH it.

our brain loves a bit of drama.
Ok, no.
It likes ALOT of drama!
Because your brain is wired for SURVIVAL.
Not for happiness.
Not for harmony.

Being dramatic is the one way your brain knows how to keep you alive.

But that results in hypervigilance, anxiety and background stress.

Think of it as having too many apps open at one time.
Eventually, the system will crash.

We don’t want that.

What I want is for you to really prime your brain for seeking happiness.

Let’s start REWIRING your brain for less drama and more easy breezy living…

The Be your own Coach Masterclass is where I’ll show you exactly how to use a 5 step process to shift from self sabotage (aka drama) to easy breezy living – in just 5 minutes.⏱

Ready to learn my journaling hack that will releases in icky emotions, anxiety and stress – even if you only do it once in a while?

????turn any trigger into a treasure ie. a point of connection with Allah.
Use this hack to generate duaas that flow from your heart????

????Neuroplasticity hacks that stop anxiety inducing thoughts in their tracks

????Proven strategies that will Re arrange your neural pathways to make your brain your bestie (instead of a bully)

If you’re already working with a coach/therapist…

Great! You can use this to get to the root of the  issue so you can walk into your next session prepped and KNOWING what you’re ready to work on next!

I’m sharing the technique that will make any inner work that you’re already doing, so much more potent and powerful.

And because I value your time, I’ve removed all of the fluff and we’re going to zoom into *exactly* what you need to create new results for yourself over and over again.

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Be Your Own Coach Masterclass