Calm On Demand – 12 Month Access

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12 Months Access.

Consider this your Cheat Code to creating Sakina vibes – despite any challenge life throws you

You can go for all the therapy…

Listen to all the podcasts…

But a dysregulated nervous system will have you either

❌overreacting to every little issue????


❌stuck in procrastination and overwhelm. ????????‍♀️????

You want to get serious and take action on that side hustle…

Of course you want to stay calm when the one you love the most drives you nuts!

The world tells you that you just need to hustle more…

To be more ‘disciplined’.

The world lied to you.

You don’t need more hustle – you need more emotional regulation.

In simple words:

The way you FEEL affects how you react and the actions you do – or don’t take!

Yep, your emotions are literally creating your reality.


How you feel = what action you take = the life you’re creating for yourself

I’m not afraid to say it: emotional regulation IS better than therapy

I don’t need to tell you how you much better you feel, how much more productive you are, when your mental health is good.

But just for fun, let’s see what the science says…

Studies show that emotional resilience results in:

✅ confidence to go out there and be the khalifa that Allah has designed you to be…

Allah already knows you’re worthy of your big dreams – now it’s just you that has to come up to speed!

✅ Drama detox for your marriage

Can we leave the big drama for Netflix please?

Don’t get me wrong: It’s hard not to get ticked off when your partner does that thing you TOLD them not to do – again!

But when you’re frustrated and seething, do you really think you’re going to get your way with them?

Believe me when I say, plugging into your calm, will take your marriage from ‘it’s ok I guess’???? to ‘I didn’t even know we could feel this connected!’

It’s no surprise that you’ll be ready to create:

✅ meaningful and lasting friendships

✅the kind of marriage your elders told you ‘only happens in movies’.

And the best part is: you’re going to do it whilst remembering Allah – it’s a win all round!

You can’t always be in a calm grounded state. It’s just not realistic. can get quick access to plug into a calm grounded state.

And THAT has a massive effect on how your relationships, your work and even your worship of Allah SWT!

Which is exactly what the Somatic Soundscapes are!

These Somatic Soundscapes are infused with the Divine Names to re-program your brain and nervous system so that it’s easier and quicker for you to plug into a calm + connected state.

Basically they’re part of your cheat code to building new neural pathways that support YOU to the life you’re praying for

Best part is: with regular use, there’s a CUMULATIVE EFFECT over time – the more you plug into them, the more the benefit Insha Allah!

You get 12 months access to Six Somatic Soundscapes:

1️⃣Calm + Collected in 7 minutes

2️⃣Ease on Demand : Listen to this to Embrace Calmness amidst life’s Challenges

3️⃣Turn your fear into Tawakkul – A 9 minute Muraqabah

4️⃣Activate the power Allah has embedded in you

5️⃣Freedom from Regret: Healing + letting go of guilt

6️⃣It’s safe to receive more: Surrendering to Allah’s infinite Generosity

And a bonus Muraqabah + Duaa

Unlock doors of abundance + love with Ya Fattah

Listen to these daily or as needed to see the best benefits Insha Allah.

Calm On Demand - 12 Month Access