INVESTED – The Money Mindset Masterclass for your dunya and aakhirah goals




I see you sis, you have a big heart that wants to do good in the world…

You’re ready to progress to your next level.

You have goals

To travel…

To hit that ‘is it even possible’ income goal…

And do it whilst giving the best to your family and your marriage…

Alhamdulillah, you’re grateful for what Allah has given you.

But you desire more….

But the truth is…you feel a little guilty about wanting more…

Especially whilst others are it really ok to strive for more whilst others are in a fix?

You know that Allah is most generous…but you also don’t want to be greedy or irresponsible with money.

You want to be responsible with the money Allah has entrusted you with.

You want to do good in the world with it.

The last thing you want is to be greedy or for your striving for money, to be a source of distancing you from Allah!

And you want to be certain you’re not being greedy or wasteful.

OF course, you give charity…but you can’t help but still feel pangs of guilt when you do spend on yourself.

If you want to become a khalifah for big money to do big khair in this world so it benefits your dunya AND aakhirah…

I created this Masterclass for you!

Welcome to the money mindset masterclass that benefits your dunya and aakhirah.

I have to be honest with you:

I have an agenda.

I want to see women become well resourced.




AND financially.

Because when women are well resourced, they uplift others through it.

This Masterclass isn’t just about money (although we will be talking about it ALOT) – it’s about shifting how you earn, spend, and invest with money.

It’s about how you invest your time and energy too. And how to leverage your commitments to align with your highest goals.

It’s about redefining your money relationship so that it serves you in your dunya and aakhirah goals!

This is a live 2 hour Masterclass jammed with gems that you’ll come back to at least a few times over!*

When you purchase this, you get immediate lifetime access to it.

I’ll be sharing in a way I never have before.

If you haven’t’s a new era here at Live Inspired✨Masha Allah.

If you feel activated by this, I’ll see you in the INVESTED MASTERCLASS!

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INVESTED - The Money Mindset Masterclass for your dunya and aakhirah goals