Mendhi + Marriage




Ready for a different kind of experience with mendhi night vibes?

Join me for an online exclusive where you’ll hear the things you WISH they’d told you on your mendhi night.

Think of it like the wedding week you didn’t realise you needed

I can’t spill all the chai just yet….

But if you’re looking to:

  • Spice up your marriage – even though it feels like you’ve been married for aaagees

  • Reignite that spark

  • Or you’re newly married and want the REAL tea on how to to lay the groundwork that has you obsessed with each other even decades on…

You’ll love the Mendhi + Marriage experience.

It’s not a program. It’s not a Masterclass. It’s an experience.

Join us and find out

The online experience takes place in Feb 2024 Insha Allah.

*Ladies only

More details to be revealed when the pricing goes up.

NOTE: IF YOU’RE ALREADY IN BR : THE RECLAMATION – you get access to this.

Mendhi + Marriage