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BR 2.0 Live Calls


Only available to BR 1.0 lifetime access members as a courtesy – enrollment closes on 7 October at 10pm.

No promo codes/payment plans available.

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This is an offer only for BR 1.0 lifetime access members.

Please do not share this link – doing so will mean that you are in breach of your contract and will have ramifications.

​Enrolling in the BR 2.0 live component will give you access to:
–  All live calls for BR 2.0
– An opportunity to book clarity slots** (T&C apply)

– Replays of the live calls from BR 2.0 for 12 months.
– BR 2.0 members Facebook group (separate to BR 1.0)

This is offered as a courtesy and available until 7 October 2021 at 10pm. No late enrollments.​​