UNSCHOOLED: For Parents who Pioneer

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3 months Access to all modules + bonuses in my acclaimed Parenting without Pressure program which normally sells for $997 on its own!

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❤️‍Access to a 3 month specialised Unschooling mini-mind.

Here’s what happens in the Unschooled mini mind experience:

Live weekly support via group calls:

The co-regulation Co-Labs – Somatic healing and NS regulation specifically for parenting.

Your child matches your energy – literally.

This is science.

No matter how much inner work you’ve done – mothering is deeply challenging.

That’s why I’ve created these collabs – instead of taking in more information, you’ll come into this space every 2 weeks to regulate your nervous system.

Prepare to leave calmer, grounded and ready to be present with your child to create those sakina vibes in your home.

These are 35 minute plug ins that will literally make all the difference to your entire week – not to mention the ripple effect for years to come!

Repatterning your Lineage

This is hot seat coaching focused on answering your parenting questions from the lens of healing generational patterns of parenting that no longer serve you or your child.

We are grateful to our ancestors for their resilience and duaas.

And unschooling means that we sift and sort through what they passed down to take what works and release what isn’t in the best interest of our children.

These are 60 minute calls held every 2 weeks over the 3 month cycle.

Can’t make it live?

No problem, you’ll have access to the replays for 3 months after the completion of the live round.

This is a 3 month immersive experience starting in Ramadaan 2024.

Why Ramadaan, you ask? There is no time in the year more potent for spiritual shifts. And given that pioneering a new parenting paradigm for your family IS a spiritual experience – Ramadaan is the ideal time to begin!

Join me for a unique 3 month experience that will leave your household changed for good!


Ready to pioneer a new way of parenting that works specifically for YOU and YOUR children?

Your children were not created for this time. They were not created for the challenges YOU experienced.

And yet that’s how we bring up children.

You think being a ‘good parent’ means preparing them for the struggles you faced.

Except that, your child was born for a different time.

A time that doesn’t yet exist.

A future that you may not be around for.

The things you ‘think’ you need to pass onto them – may actually weigh them down more than it helps them. 

It’s pretty easy to raise a ‘compliant’ child.

You don’t have to prioritise emotional support to raise a people pleaser.

If you want your child to do as you say, when you say, then Unschooled is not for you.

But if you want to transfer your emotional intelligence skills to your child so that

  • You build an unbreakable bond with your children

  • Model daily to your child, what healthy connection looks like

  • Create sakina vibes in your home that aren’t rooted in fear but in your child feeling deeply heard and seen

  • See your child be well prepared for relationship challenges in future

  • Know that your child has what she needs to create nurturing, fulfilling relationships in future

  • Want your child to have an identity of their own that’s rooted in HIS fitrah – not based on your expectations

Then Unschooled is for you.

No one talks about what happens when you go against the grain.

When you pioneer a new way, you’ll encounter challenges you never expected.

  • The loneliness of doing it a different way than your family and friends

  • The conflict with your husband who doesn’t get it

  • Not having your family’s support in this new way

  • Feeling lost when your child is at a new stage – it makes you doubt what you’re doing

I want you to be supported through this.

To come into a room where ‘we get you’.

Where you’ll not just find support and coaching, but also a non judgemental community that’s also pioneering a new way.

You don’t have to pioneer a new way alone.

Unschooled is the mini mind that offers you spiritual support through the murky waters that parenting a spirited child can be.

Unschooled is for you if you’re carving a new way.

A way that honours the way that Allah created your child, instead of fighting against it. 

You need to know this…

There are some experiences that I curate where I just have a ‘feeling’ about it.

I know deep in my bones, that this particular experience is going to leave both you and I flabbergasted…

It’s going to change everything about your parenting – in the best way.

If you allow for it.

Your child doesn’t need you to be perfect.

In fact, unschooling is about leaving behind your ideas of perfectionism so that you can create the type of relationship with your child, that you ask Allah for.

UNSCHOOLED: For Parents who Pioneer