A step by step guide to take you from toxic relationships to Thriving Connections

A 12 Week Online Program to Revolutionise your Relationships:
Tune out Toxicity - without burning bridges

A step by step guide to take you from toxic relationships to Thriving Connections

You don’t have to compromise your integrity for peace of mind - in just 12 weeks you can up-level your emotional resilience and learn how to transform your toxic relationships without burning bridges.

Difficult in laws? Unpleasant co-workers? Intrusive extended family? 

Dealing with "toxic people" is downright draining. Especially when they happen to be family or colleagues.

Maybe you're trying to be a good person - you're trying hard to be the ‘bigger person’ and 'overlook' their behaviour.

You remind yourself to ignore it before every encounter. But despite your best efforts, you find yourself dreading social functions. You find yourself spending hours afterwards thinking of what you 'should' have said or done. You might even get snappy with your own loved ones because of the stress and overwhelm of having to deal with the constant negativity.

And worst of all: you're realising the toll it's taking on your emotional and physical health. 

As much as you wish that this person would just stop with the belittling, judgement and criticism - the fact remains that the person may never actually change.

And where does that leave you? Where does that leave your health and peace of mind?

What toll is it taking on your productivity and quality of life - and worse even, how is it affecting your other more positive relationships?

Can you be present for them, or are you spending too much of your precious time and energy trying to figure a way through this toxic relationship?

It just feels like no matter what you do (or say) there's no easy way through this.

What if there was a way that you could still maintain a relationship with this person - but not feel guilty for implementing boundaries or saying no?

What if you didn't feel a knot in your stomach every time you saw their name popping up on your phone? What if you had the tools to deal with them in a way that didn't actually deplete you?

Imagine how your life would change if you reclaimed your time and energy - to then pour into the areas of your life that really matter? 

Imagine using your new found energy to improve the good relationships in your life, to give more attention and presence to your children, to grow your business, to take better care of your health?

It's time: time to stop wasting endless hours worrying about how to deal with toxic people that you can't change - and up-skill yourself so that you can move beyond toxic dynamics into nurturing healthy relationships that fulfil and inspire you!

Preserve your integrity and sanity - without compromising your values!

What's included in the 12 Week Toxicity Tune Out Masterclass

12 Week In depth Online Course

Step 1

Learn expert step-by-step strategies that I use in my premium one on one programs. This will transform how you see yourself and others. The course is paced over 12 weeks, however, you have lifetime access so you can deepen your understanding. Every week you will get access to a new module over the 12 weeks to keep it manageable. A combination of video modules and self study PDF exercises that take you in depth into the inner work to shift out of patterns keeping you stuck in toxic dynamics.

12 Weekly Exclusive
Live Group Calls with Zaahida

Step 1

To get the best out of this, you're going to need support to ask questions, get clarity and dive deeper. Join me every week on a live call where you have direct access to me to ask questions and create true transformation. This is what will take your self development journey to the next level.

These calls are only accessible on this program.  Replays will be made available to watch at your convenience. Kindly note: these are not one on one calls - they are group calls exclusively for students.

Secret Community
Facebook Group

Step 1

This community is priceless - it's a safe space where you can come in and share with like-minded people who are on this journey of tuning out toxicity. If you're a private person, you'll love this: only students are added here and the best part is that your participation is kept discreet because no one besides students will even know about it! Here you can share freely, compare notes, and keep each other accountable as you share your progress.


Step 4

This program is designed to facilitate true shifts and transformation. It's not just about you passively watching videos - I want you to have access to the best material to help you grow and evolve so that you can truly revolutionise your relationships. Included  are exercises that help you explore and delve into those areas of yourself that require healing. It's about healing your relationship with yourself so that you can truly tune out toxicity and heal your relationships with others.

You need the Toxicity Tune Out Masterclass if you:

Module 1

Step 1

Are Toxic people doomed to be that way forever? Can it ever be overcome? Here's what you need to know about toxic behaviour before you shift out of being a victim of it. Whether you're a victim of toxic behaviour or you recognise some traits in yourself, here are the important details to move forward.

Module 2

Step 1

Become a master at recognising toxic traits within yourself and others. Get access to a valuable 'cheat sheet' so you'll never have the wool pulled over your eyes again.

Module 3

Step 1

With understanding comes power and the ability to choose more conciously.  We dive deeper into the conscious and unconscious motives behind toxic behaviour. Learn why someone becomes toxic and how to radically transform how you engage.

Module 4

Step 1

Tune out toxic traits: learn how to move beyond toxic traits and reclaim your power to choose how you respond and the energy you give off. A step by step guide to stepping beyond toxic behaviour and creating more peace in your relationships.

Module 5

Step 1

 Many online courses will simply scratch the surface and give you do's and don'ts. Toxicity Tune Out Masterclass delves deep into the root causes of how perpetrators and victims are they way they are - and how to change it. You'll learn to honour your experiences, create a space to heal from them, and create a better future.

Module 6

Step 1

Making peace with the past means you're open to creating a better future. We often get stuck in the same patterns that play out in various relationships. You can finally be empowered to create fulfilling relationships and reframe how you feel about draining ones. We dive deep into healing and re-establishing your relationship with yourself - life will never be the same again!

Module 7

Step 1

Take your hand off the trigger!

Being empowered means disarming unhealthy reactions and detoxing from emotional and relationship toxicity from the inside out. 

Module 8

Step 1

Help it's me! What to do if you're the problem...

As much as we like to look outside of ourselves for the problem - a huge part of personal development is taking responsiblity for the energy you bring. Toxicity can be overcome - here's how you will evolve into a better version of yourself.

Module 9

Step 1

Toxic parenting: healing the family dynamic.

We explore healing from your own childhood trauma as well and how the past has influenced your thinking, perception, communication and how you see yourself and the world. Shifting these means shifting your experience of reality.

Module 10

Step 1

Help - I think I might be a toxic parent!

As much as we love our children and want to give them what's best, sometimes our own internal wounds and stresses make parenting even more difficult. As you heal yourself, you evolve into a better, more conscious parent to your kids.

Module 11

Step 1

From Victim to Victor!

As you heal, understand yourself and others better and truly transform, you'll find yourself being able to be more self aware in your relationships, be more discerning, and create more fulfilling relationships.

Module 12

Step 1

Boundaries without burning bridges - learn how to implement healthy boundaries without feeling guilty. You'll learn how to create healthy boundaries for toxic relationships without having to compromise your family values or your integrity. 

But there's more: for a limited time only you get access to these BONUSES 

The bonuses are included at no extra cost as part of your special offer - for a limited time only. 

Once you've secured the bonuses - you have lifetime access to them. 

Bonus 1: The Complete Guide to Online Bullying: Surviving in a Social World

Step 1

Negativity is everywhere - and it's all too easy for bullying and shaming to fester online. Learn the ins and outs of how to deal with bullying in a savvy way. Even if you're not on social media, chances are your kids already are or will be. Be equipped to help them navigate the rocky waters of social media with grace and diginity in this bonus training.

VALUE = R1200

Bonus 2: The Empaths Guide to Toxic Relationships

Step 1

If you're highly empathetic and feel guilty at the mere thought of boundaries - you need this in your life stat! This bonus will help you to move past guilt and connect in healthier, more fulfilling ways. Say goodbye to anxiety (and being put off relationships) and hello to amazing connection!

VALUE = R1100

Bonus 3: In laws Don't have to be Outlawed!

Step 1

Boundaries with in laws can be super tricky: of course you want to have a good relationship with them to keep your partner happy. But how do you deal with their toxic traits and lack of boundaries?

Get ready to learn how to be both respectful AND maintain your sanity (and self respect!) with your in laws. Peace of mind and family ties? Who says you can't have it all! With this bonus you're on your way.

VALUE = R1350

Bonus 4: Learn the Language of Boundaries: Ready to use Scripts for Tricky Situations

Step 4

Ever find yourself mumbling and scrambling for the right words when you're in a tight spot? Do you internally scold yourself because you're said yes instead of no yet again?! Don't know how to respond under pressure so you just give in? If you're avoiding possible conflict at all costs - because you can't trust yourself to assert your boundaries - don't!

I'm going to give you tried and tested scripts (that I only share with my one on one clients) that will help you communicate with compassion, clarity and confidence. After using these scripts a few times, you'll master the language of boundaries in no time.

This is something you want to get your hands on asap!

VALUE = 1250

Here's what you get when you enrol for Toxicity Tune Out Masterclass:

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm already seeing a therapist / coach - is this still suitable for me?

That's great and huge kudos to you for taking responsibility of your life!

If you're already working with someone, this will be a wonderful complementary tool that will assist you on your journey. You will gain different perspectives and deeper understanding into yourself (and others) that will only further enhance your healing journey.

I'm travelling out - can I still register for the Masterclass?

The wonderful thing is that this entire course is completely online - so that you can access it from anywhere, anytime!

You get lifetime access so that you can revisit the lessons whenever you want to.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls: What if I can't make the scheduled time for the Live call?

The schedule for the weekly exclusive group calls will be released once you're registered for the Masterclass and we kick off full swing with course work on December 5th 2019.

It will be at a specified time and the ideal is to join Live - but if you can't for any reason (because life happens), the replay will be up and available shortly after so that you catch up at your convenience.

What are the Group Coaching Calls all about?

These weekly live calls are exclusive to students of Toxicity Tune Out Masterclass only. These are NOT one on one calls. 

The calls are live and interactive where you can have your questions answered and we explore issues more deeply so that you can get maximum benefit from the course work. You will receive access details via an email link. These support calls will ensure that you keep momentum and are designed tofurther your growth and healing.

I'm going away on holiday so I won't have time to start immediately - can I still join?

Absolutely! You can join in and catch up as soon as you get back from your trip. Remember you have lifetime access to the course bundle - however enrolment is for a limited time only, and closes on 2 December 2019.

What happens after I enrol and make payment?

Once you enrol, you will be sent an email with all the details you need. We officially kick off course work on 5th December 2019 and one module will be released each week. You will be kept updated via email and if you have any queries please contact us on

I'm not sure if I'm ready to commit to this yet - can I join later?

Enroments close on midnight of Monday 2nd December 2019. This is a limited time offer so the Masterclass bundle will NOT be available to purchase thereafter. 

Ultimately, you have to ask yourself if you're willing to start 2020 with the same mindset and skillset or are you ready to revolutionise your relationships?

My issues seem so petty - is it really necessary to address them?

This is a great questions!

In my years of working with thousands of clients (and working on my own personal issues) I've discovered that it's often these so called "petty issues" that offer you the greatest oppurtunioty for growth and healing. It takes massive courage and honesty to show up and do the work of overcoming these issues - which is what this course is all about.

What do I do it I'm having an issue with accessing my course work?

We've designed the system to run as smoothly as possible. However in the unlikely event of you having any issues, you can contact our support team on

Are refunds available?

Your satisfaction with our course is important to us. However, because of the extensive time, effort, prepartion and care that is poured into this course, we have a no-refund policy. By using and/or purchasing any of our programs, products, services or program materials, you understand and agree that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided.

I've never been for therapy / coaching - will I manage this?

Whether you're already working with someone or you're a self development newbie, this masterclass will be valuable to you. The course work is designed to support you in your journey so even if you're never done any healing work before, you will manage. That said, you might during the course of the 12 weeks realise that you would benefit from some one on one work, in which case the Masterclass will still be complementary.

I really want my partner to do this but he won't. What do I do?

It's normal to want to encourage your partner to progress, however ultimately it is their choice to make - the reality is that no one can be forced into self development work. You have to want the changes for yourself.

That being said, over the years I have seen many many clients who as they heal and grow, find they are able to respond to their partners differently -and this improves the overall health of the relationship.


Stumbling upon Zaahida has been my greatest find in possibly the last 10 years. Not every person in her profession is necessarily a fit for the people they assist, but Zaahida's commitment, lack of judgement and sheer sincerity make her the greatest pleasure to work with.




Working with Zaahida took me from feeling lost to being a stronger person who will not allow anyone to pull her down through manipulation. I have learned how to deal with challenges and I've regained my confidence again.

W Moosa

Medical Professional


Zaahida is a pillar of strength. She is vibrant, innovative, funny, non-judgmental. If I had to attach a price to working with her, I undoubtedly believe she has undervalued herself and her ability to assist people to travel the road to self discovery.




I'm finding myself letting go of the past in the sense of the hold it had on me. I will not forget the lessons but I don't feel that pain, anger and sadness when I look back and I can now connect better with my kids.

A Amla


Your Coach

Zaahida Mahomedy - Live Inspired Academy

Featured on national Television newtworks like SABC 3, ITV on DSTV and various Radion shows like Channel Islam International, Al Ansaar, Salaam Media & more as well as the recipient of the Panache Women of Wonder Awards 2019, Zaahida is an Emotional Wellness Coach, Life Coach, BodyTalk Practitioner, Motivational Speaker and founder of the Live Inspired Academy. 

Having worked with thousands of clients over the years to help them heal and transform their lives and relationships, Zaahida is now revealing her secrets so that you can have access to powerful strategies to transform your life and relationships.


Get the complete course now for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

This special limited-time offer ends on 3 December 2019.  If you're ready to make 2020 better in every aspect - click the button to enrol and revolutionise your relationships.

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