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Free Private Group

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your self-development journey?


Like it’s a struggle to for those around you to understand you as you’re shifting?


It can almost feel like they can’t relate to you, right?


Which is why I’ve created a completely free private group: This is a safe judgement-free zone where you can share your experiences, gain more insights and be privy to exclusive live broadcasts and information I share on this private platform.


It’s a safe space where you can share, learn and be even more inspired to show up for yourself and your relationships in a more authentic way.

This is NOT a counselling program or one on one advice.


Rather it’s a safe community for you to explore different aspects of self-development more deeply.


Here are some of the comments from the exclusive Live broadcasts on the group:


“This information is priceless!” – T.L


“Very informative. Thank you for putting this in words.” – S.E


“I’m now on the group and have started watching and reading your posts. It’s the best decision I could make for self-improvement. Highly appreciate the knowledge you share.” – F.A

I've grown so much and I finally feel free. Free from the negative. I've seen many therapists before but I've never felt like this.

- Ms H, age 25


Are you ready to be a VIP: VERY INSPIRED PERSON?


Ever wish you had access to in-depth guidance and constructive advice on issues around your relationships, managing your emotions and dealing with the day to day pressures of life, parenting, marriage, your health, business and everything in between?


Want the perspective of an experienced Life Coach & Emotional Wellness Coach but at an affordable rate?

If you’re ready to:


  • Learn more about improving the quality of your life and your relationships
  • Learn effective strategies to enhance your emotional intelligence
  • Gain access to exclusive training (that I don’t share anywhere else)
  • Access to VIP member only Q&A sessions
  • Be privy to exclusive promotions and offers for VIP members only
  • And more


WITHOUT going over budget, then this is the option for you!

The VIP Program is a month to month subscription-based program that gives you access to all this and more.

I owe you a debt of gratitude. You taught me how to love myself. You truly have a gift.

- Ms A, age 39


Online courses with lifetime access designed to simplify your self-development journey.

Thank you for coaching me to move beyond what I believed were my limits and for showing me that there is a larger, better world beyond what I was entrapped in. Thank you for holding my hand on this journey, to overcome the fears in discovering ME.

- Ms L, age 41


If you’re ready to make massive shifts and experience accelerated growth, then you’re ready for the Premium One on One Coaching Program: The Accelerated Growth Program.


“Stumbling upon Zaahida has been my greatest find in possibly the last 10 years. Not every person in her profession is necessarily a fit for the people they assist, but Zaahida’s commitment, lack of judgement and sheer sincerity make her the greatest pleasure to work with.” – Rookaya Ahmed

The Accelerated Growth Program is a premium one-on-one Coaching/Self Development program that is designed to give you the support and coaching to facilitate accelerated healing and personal growth so that you can experience better parenting, health, relationships, career fulfilment and emotional well being.


“Session after session we unwrapped, unboxed, uncovered layer after layer and recovered, reboxed and revised a new version – a new version of and vision of hope until everything just fell apart externally to give way for new. A new hope, a new life and certainly, it feels like the springtime of my life currently. Thank you Zaahida – you understood every emotion as though it were your own. I felt validated. A feeling I had never known prior. I’ve been to counsellors before but none had the ability to impact my life as you have. Never ever.” – Ms Y, age 40

Through years of experience of working one-on-one with hundreds of clients and studying a vast array of internationally based training modalities, this three-month program has been fine-tuned to strategically support you through the exciting journey of overcoming your past emotional turmoil and rediscovering the authentic version of yourself that can create success and fulfilment in your life.


“This course has been life changing…and if you’ve ever had the chance of interacting with Zaahida you know she’s a force, a whirlwind, ready to make you take that leap into an absolutely fantastic life.” – Faiza Essa

Please note: This program is only for those who are serious and committed to their own transformation over the 3 months. There are only a few spaces available as this is an exclusive program where I can dedicate more time and resources to support your success. During this process, I am completely committed to holding the space for you in the way that will best allow you to overcome your limitations and rise to your strengths.

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