Forgiveness – is it possible?

They say that it takes a lifetime to build trust, but only a moment to destroy it.

Hurt happens. And sometimes the pain that ensues is unavoidable.

As much as we’d like to forgive, there are times when it just seems impossible.

You may wonder if it’s even possible to overcome the hurt…you may even wonder if the other person deserves your forgiveness.

In this video we will explore exactly this, so that you can experience the liberation and peace that comes from forgiveness.

Feeling Stressed? Try this!

Stress is an inevitable part of modern life. It affects our productivity, our peace of mind, our relationships and our overall well being. An overwhelming amount of research proves that stress even impacts our physical health.

Clearly we need to find effective ways to manage our stress levels so that it doesn’t impact us negatively.

In this video I share my top tips for dealing with stress so that you can enjoy better health and wellbeing.

If you find it useful, please do consider sharing it with someone who can benefit!

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Feel calmer in 3 minutes

Do you want to feel calmer in 3 minutes?

The cortices technique can help you feel calmer, more relaxed and more focused within a few minutes. Best of all, it’s safe enough to use on adults and kids!

In this video, I share the many benefits of this invaluable BodyTalk technique as well as step by step instructions on exactly how to use it.

Try it out daily on yourself and your family and for atleast 2 weeks, and notice the positive benefits.



How to deal with emotional overwhelm

If you find it difficult to deal with your emotions, or you find yourself at a loss when your loved ones are overwhelmed by emotions, then this video is for you.

Whether at work or in our personal lives, we’ve all found ourselves in situations where we feel out of our depth emotionally.

How do we manage when emotions like hurt, fear and disappointment was over us? How do you deal with this in a positive way?

In this video I share step by step instructions that you can apply to any situation to help you move past the difficult emotions and use them for growth and progress.




How to feel calmer in 3 minutes

If I told you that there was a simple and easy way to feel less stressed in under 5 minutes, would you be open to trying it?

The Cortices Technique used in BodyTalk has been clinically proven to do just that.
Some of benefits include feeling calmer and more focused. And the best part is that it is safe for everyone, including during pregnancy and for young babies!

In this video, I share the benefits of the Cortices Technique as well as the step by step process of how to do.

Try doing it for yourself and your family for the next 30 days and notice any changes in your physical and/or emotional health.

If you are a BodyTalk client, then use the technique as ‘maintenance’ between sessions as directed by your BodyTalk Practitioner.

Click here to see the video


Turning your pain into Power: Radio Interview

Some of the most common questions I receive are along the lines of:

“How do I find my purpose?”

“How do I know what I am meant to be doing with my life?”

“Do I even have a purpose?”

These were exactly the questions we discussed on my recent radio interview.  I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on Suraya Bhayla’s inspirational show ‘The Productive Muslimah’ which airs weekly on Radio Islam.

In addition to exploring some of these questions, we also looked at how to deal with some of the fears that cripple us when we’re trying to pursue what is important to us as well as how to do

with the inevitable difficulties that life sometimes throws at us.

The feedback from this show was wonderful:

Message from a follower on Instagram

Feedback from a client

If you would like to take a listen, click here to access the podcast.

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Have an awesome day!